"Clean Water. Clean Government" from Kim Boomhower.

Said he promised to never lie, just after the first line of his letter to the editor March 1, 2007 was not true. He said the first phase of the Earlville water project was complete. Called the Engineering firm that is doing the study and found out that only a preliminary report was ALMOST done, the final to be finished probably in MAY, 2007!

Water: A Top Priority - for both mayor Toni Campbell and trustee Kim Boomhower.

Did NOTHING their first year, 2005.
Budgeted NOTHING even when they had control of the budget in 2006.
Did NOTHING until a few months before 2007 election, and only after defunding a budgeted item THAT THEY BUDGETED!

"Public Safety... A Top Priority" PART ONE - mayor Toni Campbell

Did NOTHING the first year, 2005.
Presented our Police Officer with award during a public meeting, 2006. Let him go the next month.
Earlville had been without local police coverage for almost 1 year while Toni Campbell has given different reports monthly of contracts with State Police, Sheriff's Dept, Sherburne Police, the State Police again, then in her article printed in the Mid York Weekly in January, 2007, LIED by saying Madison County Sheriff Department is using the Earlville Police Station when NO CONTRACT OR ANY SPECIFICS had been completed! Then, she pursued Madison County AND Sherburne services for local police coverage! It took over two years of people's complaints and no local police coverage before a contract was agreed upon with Madison County Sheriff. All the while the mayor complaining in public meetings that she had to go outside in her pajamas after many times getting law enforcement complaints by residents at 3:00 in the morning.  New police coverage costs a whopping $30.00 per hour, way more than TWICE what the past local police officer was costing.

"Public Safety... A Top Priority" PART TWO - mayor Toni Campbell

Did NOTHING the first year.
Lost our Codes Enforcement Officer because of refusal to pay expenses.
Earlville was without a STATE REQUIRED Codes Enforcement Officer from December 2006 to mid-2007. The residents had no way to get a building permit or required inspections to close a previous permit for occupancy. The residents had nowhere to turn for health and safety issues that have surfaced. A new Codes Enforcement Officer was appointed but does not follow the law and has harrassed many residents.  Complaints are continuing, even from the board, but no action is being taken against the out-of-control, power abusing CEO.

"Public Safety... A Top Priority" PART THREE - mayor Toni Campbell

Fails to return phone calls by residents complaining of safety and law issues.  Continues to pass the blame on others, including the Madison County Sheriff department, instead of taking on the responsibility of the position she was elected for service.  Fails to follow through with enforcing the law, while passing the tasks to others or plainly ignoring the issues.

Planning Board needs direction - Village Board

Two Years passed. Announced at meeting after meeting that the Planning Board needed direction after several of the members had resigned. And guess what, three weeks before the 2007 election mayor Campbell announced that the Planning Board would be doing a survey at the end of March. What kind of survey? And did this have anything to do with re-election time? Of course not! The survey did not materialize. But in 2008, the Planning Board decided to tackle local laws, recommending to the Board, and the Board passing 5 new local laws, much to erode the freedoms, liberties, and rights of the residents.  

"Moving Earlville Forward" - mayor Toni Campbell

Did NOTHING the first year, 2005.
Earlville residents lost services that were budgeted and expected. We lost our local police coverage and our code enforcement officer. They defunded budgeted items to fund items that they had the power to fund but did not. Taxes were increased. And in 2008, they spent about $200,000 "surplus money" on unbudgeted items and they took $19,000 budgeted for a new police car and transferred it to another account for a dump truck.

"Moving Earlville Forward" Part 2 - mayor Toni Campbell, trustee Doeberl,  former trustees Boomhower and Clark.

Conspired in refusing to follow through with recovering stolen money from the Village when voting to take no action against former DPW employees when the moved and failed to pay back Village of Earlville funded education when failing to complete their contract agreement.


The past few years with "leadership" by Campbell, Doeberl and Boomhower have been wrought with lies and mismanagement (to be kind), and are at best an embarrassment to the Village of Earlville and possibly and regrettably at worst, local corrupt government guilty of violating the public trust with questionable practices regarding violations of federal, state, county, and local laws and civil rights.


Village of Earlville